THE VISONARY SOUL OF EDO HORIHIRO with signature and handprint 100 limited edition

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Size 24x32cm

Pages +300pages

Binding Hard Cover

100 limited edition with signature and handprint

限定100冊 サインと手形付き

Between tradition and innovation, Horihiro makes us jump in a world which swallows you up like a vortex and you come out the other side upside down, in a chaotic street market of contemporary humankind.

From brands of shoes, watches and icons of modern consumerism so dear to the hearts of the fashion addicts today as fans once were to geishas, weapons to samurai and demons and ghosts to popular tradition and belief. The classic images of Japanese culture and the layers added to the traditional subjects make Horihiro a new point of reference in the story of Ukiyo-e.