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三巴彫ひろ画による (【製品名称】RAIZIN TENUGUI G.2) がリリースです。
100年続く工房にて、伝統技法である型紙の伊勢型紙 (無形文化遺産)と注染によって仕上げた手作業による一品です。


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価格: 3000円 (税込み)
サイズ: 約900 x 410mm

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Created by HORIHIRO MITOMO, the RAIZIN TENUGUI G.2 is now available for purchase.

With over 100 years, the production of the RAIZIN TENUGUI G.2, is based on the combination of the intangible cultural heritage (無形文化遺産) Ise-katagami technique (伊勢型紙). A Japanese traditional craft of making handmade paper stencils of extremely intricate patterns and designs. And the combination of the unique traditional hand-dyeing textiles method where various colored dye are carefully applied over each Ise-katagami pattern, known as Chusen (注染).

The fabric has a “rough” appearance, however the more it’s used, the texture will feel and become more comfortable to touch.

Available at OSAKA and TOKYO THREE TIDES, other official distributors and on THREE TIDES BIGCARTEL ONLINE STORE.

For any inquiries or additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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PRICE: 3000JPY (Tax included)
SIZE: 900 x 410mm (approximately)

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This item is produced by traditional techniques only. When washing, please do not mix with other colored items.
There is a possibly of color transfer, please handle with care.