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三巴彫 帆前掛け

Designed by UKIYOEMON

■サイズ:W46cm / H72cm
■紐:全長210cm 片側82cm

Homaekake is a traditional style of Japanese apron,tied at the hips and covered thighs. It has been used over 500 years in Japan.
The material is thick cotton and dyed with traditional sulfur dyes.
Forty or fifty years ago when there were no huge shopping mall in Japan, we could find a variety of small shops in a city anywhere.

Marchants like fish merchants, vegetable merchants, liquor store clerks wore
Homaekake with the name of their shops printed on it.
For them, Homaekake was the uniform to prevent their clothes from getting dirty
and also it served to appeal their prosperous business and vibrant atmosphere.